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The Mission




Within a few miles of The Gleanery, there are many extraordinary small farms, skilled artists and artisans, and a bold, engaged community of residents. Inside the restaurant, The Gleaners bring together years of restaurant experience matched with experience and passion for community, art and ecology.



In 2012, The Gleaners formed as a team to create a restaurant that could encompass all of this. They immediately set out to develop a larger team of farmers, artists, and the entire neighborhood to embark on this bold vision. It turns out they weren't alone in having this dream and the willingness to pursue it.



With a Community Supported Restaurant model, Kickstarter funding, and "loans" of startup food from farmers, plates from artists, and professional assistance, over 200 people came together to create The Gleanery. Quite the barn raising!


Foster value and excitement around growing, preparing, and eating food.
Create value and excitement around all creative endeavours; create a living gallery that features local artisans and fosters cultural revitilaztion.
Offer a dynamic range of dining options, from very special events to casual lunches.
Create every element of every dish in house.
Connect with the many like minded business and organizations in our regions
Create real commitment and teamwork between farmers, chefs, artisans, and consumers.
Create a new model for addressing food waste and  local food preservation.
Foster a healthy ecology with consideration to the impact on the land and people involved in nourishing us.




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