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About The Gleanery

glean (v): to gather slowly, bit by bit
to learn, discover
The Gleanery is a restaurant in the heart of Putney, Vermont. With a primary focus on utilizing ingredients available to us through a strong network of local farmers and producers, we serve thoughtfully sourced, creatively prepared food.
Our guiding principal is that everything that you see in The Gleanery has been carefully selected for being artisanally made. The ingredients in the dish, the dish itself, the table below it; everything is there because a person wanted to create it. We foster an environment that exalts anyone who takes pride in their craft.
The Gleaners


Who makes all the food and art that you see here?


The Community

What happens when a creative, environmentally aware, restaurant team rallies together with farmers, artists, and the community at large?

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The Mission: Food, Art, and Fun

The Gleanery's mission is to foster value and excitement around the creation of food, art, and culture. Learn about how  we source and prepare our food, and get a peek of all the more-than-a-restaurant elements you'll find.


The Art


Art surrounds you at The Gleanery

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