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The Gleanery focuses on well crafted spaces as much as well crafted dishes. The restaurant iteself is housed in a historical building with exposed beams, a wraparound porch, and a fireplace. It is filled with furniture and decor designed to inspire, and it is organized to allow people to celebrate and connect with one another. Simply perfect for events.

The Dining Room
The dining room features a 14 foot community table made from a bowling lane, three cherry dining room tables that seat from four to eight people, a custom made pine bench, exposed beams, and a working fireplace. The dining room is a great option for daytime business meetings or parties. The community table can be reserved for up to 20 people in the evening. We also offer the option of a full restaurant buy-out for larger parties.
The Cafe
The cafe is great for smaller private events and group meetings. The front room features a poured concrete counter for bevarages and appetizers. The main room has table and couch seating. There is a rotating selection of original art on the walls. The cafe is ideal for groups ranging from 16 to 30 people.
Off Site
We partner with nearby farms and residences to create an extraordinary catered dining experience. Our on-the-farm catering is perfect for weddings, or destination events, anytime you want to celebrate with great food right where it was grown.
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