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we do not have a walk-in cooler or a tap-system, so all of our beers are served in bottles and cans (with a cold glass on the side of course).  This allows us to be flexible with our beer menu, and keep an excellent rotating stock of craft beers - including a great selection from Vermont.  Our current beer menu:








our wine menu also changes from week to week with seasonal specialites by the bottle and the glass.









extraordinary coffee and teas


All of our teas are loose leaf, which provides the most in flavor and nuance. We feature a long list including, Earl Grey, Chai, and the popular  "Evening in Missoula," a lovely, disctinctive herbal blend.


We also take our coffee very seriously.  Using a high-precision grinder we grind whole beans to order. We then brew our coffee on our custom made pour-over bar, or in French presses, using knowlegde and skill to tease out dynamic, delightful flavors.



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